Hi! I'm Kina and I'm a freelance illustrator.

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  • BUY 2 FREE 1

  • Commercial free for Malaysian (emotes use or merch use will be charged an extra fee, pls discuss it with me)

  • Commercial fee for intl : 20$ per chibi

RM10 / 5$ USD


  • Headshot to bust up !

  • Headshot is RM15/10$ USD

RM15-20 / 10$-25$ USD


  • Solid colour background of your choice.

  • Maximum of one character

  • Additional flat colours : RM3/3$ USD

  • Hands can be visible.

RM15 / 15$ USD


  • Fully rendered.

  • Maximum of one character.

  • Solid colour or no background.

  • Hands can be visible.

RM45 / 35$ USD


  • Fully rendered.

  • Max 2 characters in 1 illustration. Additional character RM20/15$ USD.

  • Solid colour or no background.

RM60 / 50$ USD

  • vtubers

  • menhera

  • original characters

  • anime characters

  • furry ears or tails

  • mild NSFW (ex : blood, stitches, bruises, cuts)

  • NSFW

  • NFT

  • furry

  • mecha

  • old people

  • religious art (ex : religious clothings etc)

  • overly masculine men (bara)

  • detailed backgrounds (for now)


Before commissioning me, please read all of my terms carefully.


  • Prices shown are base price. It can change depending on the commission complexity.

  • My commission are only for personal use. Please discuss with me beforehand if you want to commission me a commercial work.

  • Prices for Commercial usage are doubled " 2x " from my personal/non-commercial commission. Negotiable

  • What is considered Commercial Usage: Commissioned artwork published on streaming platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram Live, etc. Be sure to discuss commercial commission beforehand.

  • Using my personal and commissioned artwork for cryptographic assets or Artificial intelligence (AI) Is strictly prohibited.

  • I have the right to reject any order I feel uncomfortable drawing for any reason. You can check my Do's or Don't(s) to ensure you understand my preferences.

  • DO NOT GIVE ME DESCRIPTIVE REFERENCE. Please provide image reference(s). I prefer characters with a ready character reference so I only need to illustrate the character. This includes pose reference.


  • Currency accepted are MYR/Ringgit and USD. Malaysian clients can pay through local bank transfer or shopeepay,. International clients can pay through PayPal or Kofi or VGen payment.

  • Full payment upfront. Clients are allowed to expect an update from me after the payment. And I will deliver a 100℅ refund if I don't provide updates for more than 5 - 6 months. However, if a sketch has been made, refund request will not be entertained.

  • There will be two free revisions, and I will send you the revisions throughout the process so you can pinpoint the parts that need change. Any more revisions after that will be charged an extra fee.

  • Detailed miscellaneous such as complex outfits, weapons will be charged an extra fee.

Turn around

  • Commission process can last from a week to three months. If the process is slower than expected, it is due to health factors, cons seasons and personal problems.

  • Commission results will be sent in PNG format via email.



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Local Malaysian

  • DM me on Twitter or Instagram.